Saturday, August 20, 2011


Now that we've officially been in Austin for a month now, I decided to finally get it together and start a blog -- not because I am a great writer and want people to be like "Oh wow, she should be a writer!" but because I simply want our family and friends to live this Austin adventure with us.

So, the concensus is: we love it here. I wish I could go back and write about each day we've spent here, but that is just impossible. The best things so far:

The reliable weather. It doesn't rain... ever. The highs are never under 100 and the lows are never below 80.

The food rocks. Let's face it. I'm never going to be the kind of person that limits what she eats/drinks. I will run 90 miles before I turn down a quesadilla. With that said, we've eaten at some really great restaurants and had lots and really delicious drinks. I'll make sure to name these specifically in the future.. and provide pics.. because who doesn't want to just LOOK at food?

ACTIVITES. Our weekends are so booked with things to do. We've gone hiking, biking, running, swimming, wine tasting, live music...Brandon has added mountain biking to his already long and expensive list of hobbies. As for me, I have lots of goals I'd like to reach while I'm here, which is while I'll be compiling somewhat of a bucket list -- and you'll get to hear all about it. :)